Conflict Resolution

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Suddenly, out of nowhere, you’ve got a conflict to resolve! Everyone else has decided they don’t want to touch this situation, it’s toxic. They’ve left it to you. Where do you start? You know if you choose to do nothing, this will cause chaos in your team and spread further. What if you do something and create more conflict? Sometimes it just feels impossible. How do you get those involved in a personality clash to resolve their differences?

In our experience a situation like this is a symptom of a bigger issue. Treating this as an isolated incident may well result in a bigger issue coming along.

A personality clash or an outright dispute between colleagues requires a systemic outcome. The individuals involved, the teams they are part of and the organisation all have a role to play in resolving these dysfunctional / toxic dynamics.

conflict resolution using NLP

Conflict Resolution using NLP

Over the years we have been called upon to resolve a various ‘conflicts’ in the workplace. We have resolved:

  • Inter-personal conflicts
  • Team conflicts
  • Client – Contractor conflicts

Using NLP to resolve conflict is a natural choice. Conflict is after all largely an escalation of differences in ‘how’ things are done. NLP is the study of ‘how’ we do what we do.

Lencioni, in his ‘5 Dysfunctions of a Team’ model lists ‘Fear of Conflict’ as the second major dysfunction of a team. If fear of conflict is running in your team, you can bet that there will be a major conflict brewing.  The more you avoid something the close you bring it towards you.  When teams learn to embrace conflict as a positive force of transformation, high performance is possible.

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