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Between Stimulus and Response there is a Space where you can choose your Response.

Why you will attend this workshop?

It is possible to achieve state of resilience and well-being that is sustainable and empowers you to thrive and grow. As a resilient individual you are inspirational, you are able to be collaborative and agile during periods of turbulence.

By the end of the workshop all delegates will:

  • Understand the importance of Resilience for both themselves and for their team.
  • Will know the impact of stress on their performance and will know how to ensure they achieve maximum performance using positive stress.
  • Understand how they create their own responses to every stimulus they receive and how be being proactive they can choose to respond positively.
  • Know how each personality type prefers to deal with setbacks and will be able to coach different types to respond positively.

How we will achieve these objectives:

  • We use our Proactive Space Model as the basis for this workshop.
  • We will explore the The Yerkes-Dodson Law and explore how this can impact on performance.
  • A C-me High Performance Plus Report is an integral part of this course and we use the Profile to assess the way each individual deals with setbacks.
  • NLP techniques, creative facilitation and a high level of interaction will see delegates learn simple techniques for achieving a positive stress free state that they can access at will to stay resilient.