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Lots of people end up in roles that are ‘sales’ roles without being explicitly called ‘Sales’. For some the word, Sales, is a the problem, yet others love ‘selling’.

Why you will attend this workshop:

Enhancing your ability to ‘sell’ will lead to greater results with more positive relationships with your customers creating longer term growth. Whether you’re focused on products or services, the process we set out in this workshop will guarantee more success.

By the end of the workshop all delegates will:

  • Understand that every interaction is an opportunity to create positive connections;
  • Understand a range of approaches to selling;
  • Will have practised building rapport and aligning their product / service to their client’s / stakeholder’s needs;
  • Will know how to create business plans / account management plans / relationship management plans that can generate long term growth.

How we will achieve these objectives:

  • We explore the psychology of sales and the internal communication processes that result in buying signals or resistance.
  • Body language and language patterns will be developed to create a conversational style that can lead to increased returns.
  • A C-me High Performance Influencer Report will highlight each delegates preferences in a sales environment and create an action plan for developing the skills that will make the biggest difference to their sales performance.
  • Creative facilitation techniques will ensure all delegates are positively engaged throughout the day. Shared experience and interactive group work will result in each delegate developing building their confidence and willingness to sell effectively.