In the absence of accountability within teams the blame game runs the show, that not good for anyone!

When we take personal accountability for our performance and results we can take responsibility for improving future results. We demonstrate to others that being recognised for achieving goals leads to positive developments and this in turn can lead to greater collective team performance and cohesion.

Major objectives of this course:

  • Understand the difference between Accountability and Responsibility;
  • Identify the choice between being accountable and avoiding accountability;
  • Explore the nature of the blame game and the impact of the blame game;
  • Create the potential in all delegates to readily accept accountability for their performance and results.

How we will deliver these objectives:

  • We will explore the internal communication process that creates the choice between accountability and blame.
  • We will identify the language and behaviour of accountability and blame.
  • We will delve into using techniques that create the internal state where being accountability is a natural response to any scenario.
  • Creative facilitation techniques will ensure all delegates are positively engaged throughout the day. Shared experience and interactive group work will result in delegates owning their results & performance in the future.

Course Essentials: