Using NLP in Business

You may have heard people in business talking about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and wondered what they were on about? NLP has been around since the mid 1970’s.  During the 50 years since emerging NLP has had a massive impact.  For instance, the world of coaching has developed largely as a result of NLP techniques. You might not want to acknowledge how impactful NLP has been. However, it remains the case that the adoption of basic NLP skills will improve business communication, relationship-building, creativity and goal-setting. offer several courses, such as Using NLP in Communication Excellence and Selling Skills using NLP or Time Mastery with NLP. These NLP courses build directly upon core NLP principles and techniques.  A major benefit of working with is that all our trainers are accredited trainers of NLP.  We have demonstrated our mastery of this field, rather than others who, well let’s just say, we recommend you ask for their accreditations! Secondly, we all have extensive experience of working in aa variety of different types of organisations.

Using NLP in Business

Before getting into how to use NLP in business, it will help to have an understanding of what NLP is and how it can be of benefit to business. If you’re still thinking that Neuro Linguistic Programming sounds like too much psychological mumbo-jumbo, here’s a brief introduction to NLP for business.

What is NLP? In layman’s terms

There was some magic happening in California in the early 1970s.  Think about it, Apple, Microsoft.  Around about the same time on the back of a number of developments in positive psychology the field of NLP emerged.  This wasn’t by accident.  The ‘co-founders’ identified the basic patterns that a number of successful therapists used.  These were the therapists that other therapists just could not match in terms of effectiveness and results. By compiling the language and thinking patterns used, Bandler & Grinder formulated the original NLP techniques.  Further modelling and testing added more techniques.  More people became involved and these were the folks that were in the first workshops. In a nutshell, NLP suggests that our sensory, cognitive, behavioural and emotional faculties can be consciously ‘programmed’ to achieve personal excellence.

How can NLP deliver improved business results

In the business world NLP can create new results on many different levels.

On an individual level NLP provides a selection of powerful tools and techniques that enhance personal performance. Many of the techniques used in NLP form the foundations for influence and successful negotiation. Other areas of relevance to business are rapport-building, goal-setting and achievement, innovative thinking and building resilience and well-being in your employees.

On a team level NLP has a far-ranging application.  Improving team communication, building confidence to engage in challenging conversations to build trust and commitment.  This all leads to greater accountability and improved team results.  Are you interested in developing high performing teams? If you are, then, NLP is the best option for developing the capacity of your team members to build the personal resources that are necessary.

On an organisational level NLP can underpin a culture of collaboration or a culture of Agility.  Leadership development using NLP is a well-established and highly regarded approach. Developing a compelling purpose using NLP is now being confirmed by advances in neuro-science as perhaps the most effective strategy.

So how does NLP work?

NLP works with our subjective experience, in other words, what we see, hear, feel and say to ourselves.  It is focused on what is going on in our minds.  By becoming aware of the way we react to stimuli we can make alternative choices, choices that bring enhanced results.

NLP has been dismissed as psuedo-science simply because it is based on subjective experience.  This means each individual has a different experience and forming a ‘norm’ that can be made objective is impossible.  We’re now seeing research and evidence from neuro-science that confirm the results and outcomes NLP has predicted.  It has just taken a long time for the objective world to catch up.

What are the benefits of NLP for business?

Business success is built upon the performance of the people working in that business.  If we can remove the obstacles that prevent employees from performing at a higher level, the consequence is that business success will soar.

The biggest obstacles to employee performance are ‘fear’ based.  Examples include a lack of confidence, feeling anxious, stressed etc.  NLP techniques directly target these obstacles and remove them.  When employees can operate outside established ‘comfort zones’ a whole new level of performance is possible.  Removing the fear and negative perceptions makes collaboration, agility, high performance possible.

Introducing and applying NLP into your business will undoubtedly bring significant benefits and improved results.  The process can be complex and challenging.  Working with accredited professionals with decades of business experience is the most effective way to deliver the results you want. have the team and the experience to deliver your results.